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What Is The Most Efficient Way to Heat a House?
Depending on your region, wintertime can be a bit of hassle. Not only do you have to deal with scraping ice off of your car on frigid mornings to get to work, but you also have shorter days, snowy weather, dicey road conditions, and cabin fever to contend with. ...
Kristine Gill
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It’s Freezing Outside—Here’s How to Save on Your Heating Bill
While it might make sense to shut the furnace off in favor of a concentrated space heater, say in the bedroom, Starkey warns against it. “You’re basically heating your home with a toaster,” he says. “You plug it in and the heat strips warm up. ...
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Nearly half a million of our clients can’t afford to heat their homes
Everyday we see people struggling to heat their homes. In 2017, 400,000 of our clients said they weren’t able to keep their home warm enough. A cold home puts your health at risk. ...
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When it comes to #winter heating, 48% of homes in the #Midwest set one temperature and leave it there most of the time. #EIAWinterFuels ...