• save energy and water
  • breathe clean air and stay healthy
  • benefit from solar and wind clean energy sources
  • discover the best solutions tailored to your needs

Self-run energy audit

  • Check how much energy you need, how much you consume and how much you can produce!
  • See the air quality in your neighbourhood and learn how to reduce your contribution to low emissions.
  • Fill out the profile, read the report and see your score.
  • Find out what you can do to reduce the costs of energy, water, improve comfort and take care of your and your loved ones' health.
  • Discover the scenarios for thermomodernization, replacement of heat sources, air conditioning, photovoltaics, wind farm and see the simulation of results for your building.
  • Check out available subsidies, preferential loans and tax relief. Simplify preparation of required applications and documentation.

  • check the size of pv system that can be installed on your building or property
  • see how much energy it can produce
  • check the profitability of the investments
  • learn about financing options and subsidies
  • find the best offer